Neural basis of causal inference: representations, circuits, and dynamics

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  • U19 – brief description overall project goals, competing circuit theories being developed/studied/integrated: see below Project Summary link.
  • Description of how Data Science Core is complying to the criteria of the FAIR principles: use of DataJoint, and collaboration with Vathes for data archiving ensure findable, accessible, interoperable & reusable data management.
  • List of Data Types in U19: Behavior and multi-unit neurophysiology recordings of behaving monkeys and mice.
  • Common Data Elements in U19: see Data Types.
  • Data Sharing goals in U19: Sharing of behavioral and spike-sorted neural activity data, and analysis code.
  • Data science tools being used in project: DataJoint for data sharing/analysis; MATLAB/Python scripts for customized detailed analysis and modeling.
  • Data science tools being developed for project: Discovering predicted latent variable dynamics underlying observed behavior in high-dimensional neurophysiology data.
  • Data science approaches to be shared with other U19’s: Any generic methods developed as part of the U19.
  • Data science challenges that could benefit from discussion with other U19’s: Model-free latent variable discovery.

See Project Summary for further details on the project's scientific aims.


2021 Brain PI Meeting


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