Oxytocin Modulation of Neural Circuit Function and Behavior

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U19 Project "Oxytocin Modulation of Neural Circuit Function and Behavior", Modelers: Robert Froemke, Simon Chamberland; PI: Dick Tsien, NYU. Our group models neuromodulation of socio-spatial neural dynamics and behavior at multiple levels. At the single-cell level, we model channel biophysics, synaptic transmission and spike generation, how oxytocin is released, and how target synapses/neurons are modulated/modified to change neuronal firing mode. At the network level, we model ensemble dynamics with integrate-and-fire neurons, and model inter-areal communication to understand connectivity and cell-type contributions. Most of the modeling is done with NEURON or Matlab.  

  • U19 – brief description overall project goals, competing circuit theories being developed/studied/integrated: modeling_slide_tsienu19.pdf
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