Data Analysis Methods & Platforms

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Data Analysis and Discovery Subgroup

NIH Liaison:  Michele Ferrante (NIMH), Elizabeth Powell (NIAAA)

Subgroup Leads: Rajendra Bose and Yaki Stern, Columbia

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Email List: u19datasci-dadp at

Rajendra Bose is the list administrator; email to request to add or remove people from the list, others can also join or remove themselves using this link, or create a password if needed to access the list archive:

List members--which include the people below with Michele Ferrante, Grace Peng and Susan Wright and Elizabeth Powell from the NIH--are not moderated, but anyone else who sends an email to this list will have their message held for moderation, which the list administrator will take care of.



2020 BRAIN PI Meeting Virtual Booth Materials:…


February 25, 2020 Data Analysis and Discovery subgroup "showcase" Zoom mtg


  1. Showcase presentations where each group gave a short 4-5 slides presentation reviewing the tools that supports their research (data storage, data sharing, software sharing, software version control, computation, workflow/analysis managing and monitoring etc.)  
  2. Round up of the the tools that were presented (moderated by Yaki Stern)
  3. BRAIN Investigators Meeting  - planning

Showcase presentations:

1. Ripple (Soltesz)

4. MSCZ (Engert)

5. Flyloops (Dickenson)

8. MouseV1 (Miller): Raj gave this verbal summary, mentioning that Globus, with an endpoint on the Zuckerman Institute local storage system, continues to be investigated as the appropriate approach for sharing data internally between distributed academic participants

Round up287.09 KB

(no member of the ABC (Kleinfeld) U19 team is currently part of our subgroup)

Thank you all for the active participation,

Raj and Yaki

MoC3 (Costa) and MouseV1 (Miller) U19s


January 21, 2020 Data Analysis and Discovery subgroup Zoom mtg



April 13, 2019 BRAIN PI meeting





February 1, 2019 Data Catalog Meeting



Member List (as of 2/10/20)

U19 Name (Contact PI)



Osmonauts (Rinberg) Rick Gerkin

brainCOGS (Brody)

Adam Charles

brainCOGS (Brody)

Jonathan Pillow

brainCOGS (Brody)

Dimitri Yatsenko

FlyLoops (Dickinson)

Michael Dickinson

FlyLoops (Dickinson)

Richard Murray

Learning2Learn (Buffalo)

Ariel Rokem

MoC3 (Costa), MouseV1 (Miller)

Rajendra Bose

MoC3 (Costa), MouseV1 (Miller)

Liam Paninski

MoC3 (Costa)

Elizabeth M. C. Hillman

MoC3 (Costa)

Yaakov Stern

MSCZ (Engert)

Joshua Vogelstein

OXT (Tsien)

Christian Ebbesen

OXT (Tsien)

Sam McKenzie

OXT (Tsien)

Alisa Surkis

OXT (Tsien)

Peter Peterson

Ripple (Soltesz)

Ben Dichter

Ripple (Soltesz)

Ivan Raikov

Sensation (Maunsell)

Wolfgang Losert

Sensation (Maunsell) Madeline Diep
Sensation (Maunsell) Adam Porter

NIH Liaison

Michele Ferrante (NIMH)


Grace Peng


Elizabeth Powell


Susan Wright

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