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This is a working resource page for the Grand Challenge brainstorming activities of the Bridge2AI program.


The Bridge2AI program will use biomedical and behavioral research grand challenges (see illustrative list in the Data Generation ROA) to drive the development of ethics, standards, tools, data sets, and skills and workforce development strategies for linking scientific workflows, protocols, and other information about the data collection process into computable knowledge.

Structure of the Bridge2AI program

Grand Challenge Guidelines:

• Applicants will identify and form project teams around a biomedical and/or behavioral grand challenge

• Each grand challenge motivates the data sets to be collected in Bridge2AI

• Data sets may be applicable to multiple grand challenges (e.g.: multiple diseases and conditions)

• The data collected may include multiscale, multi-modal, and multi-stream data that span the entire spectrum of biomedical and behavioral methods

• The resulting data sets should be:

  1. hypothesis-agnostic – generalizable to multiple problems
  2. ethically sourced – incorporating diverse perspectives
  3. trustworthy, credible, FAIR
  4. sharable and reuseable
  5. machine readable and understandable

• Data sets may incorporate existing data streams, such as clinical, environmental and surveillance data, as required by the chosen grand challenges

• Applicants are encouraged to consider the 6 illustrative examples of biomedical and/or behavioral grand challenges described by the Bridge2AI Co-Chairs and may also develop their own grand challenge

• The 6 examples in the ROA are purely illustrative, to encompass the guidelines above.


Instructions for Team Building Participants

Post the grand challenge you would like to use to build a team, including:

a. Tentative Title/Topic

b. Potential data sets required

c. Potential ethical issues

d. Potential people/perspectives needed


Post in the KiStorm Grand Challenge page (you must be registered) by 9am ET Monday June 21, 2021

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