Reporting in FEA

Considerations for reporting finite element analysis studies in biomechanics
Erdemir A, Guess TM, Halloran J, Tadepalli, SC, Morrison TM 
Journal of Biomechanics, 2012
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Media:reporting_parameters.doc (A list of reporting parameters)
Media:Virtual_Discussion_Reporting_in_FEA.pdf (Presentation for IMAG webinar discussion)
Media:WP4-AE-MSM-2010.pdf (Presentation in Multiscale Modeling Consortium)
Relevant Working Groups: Working Group 6Working Group 10Biomechanics Working Group
Contact: Ahmet Erdemir,


This white paper was the product of discussions with the Working Group 6 - Tissue Mechanics (predecessor of Biomechanics Working Group) of IMAG to identify reporting parameters for finite element analysis studies in biomechanics with the intent to promote reproducibility, reusability, accountability, and sharing. It was inspired by standards development efforts of the Working Group 10 - Model Sharing and Standards. The concept was discussed as part of a webinar, Media:Virtual_Discussion_Reporting_in_FEA.pdf, and also as part of 2010 MSM Consortitum meeting, Media:WP4-AE-MSM-2010.pdf. The document was first developed at this page, later moved to Reporting in FEA/JB Edition. Following submission to Journal of Biomechanics, Reporting in FEA/JB Edition was kept as a pre-print version, and this page was converted into a discussion platform for the manuscript. In-press version of the document can be accessed at

General Comments & Questions

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  • Can this document be used to rate modeling studies?
  • Is it possible to establish standards for model sharing in FEA?
ErdemirA 12:45, 15 January 2012 (EST) For the specific case in biomechanics, and with community support, it may be possible. An interesting document in regards to standards for models and simulations (for general case) is by NASA (NAS-STD-7009). It can be reached at
  • How can these reporting parameters promote reproducibility?

Specific Comments & Questions on Reporting Parameters

Send comments & questions to Ahmet Erdemir, Please refer to Reporting in FEA/JB Edition for a list of parameters and their definitions.

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