TMM - BRAIN Awardee Welcome Meeting/Intro to DATA Scholar

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Please join us for a meeting on Friday, November 12th, 2021  from 2-4pm EDT (see calendar invitation for meeting link and dial-in information). This meeting will provide a chance for the new awardees to introduce themselves and meet everyone, and will also serve as an introduction to the BRAIN Data Scholar, Dr. Mohammad Ghassemi. Some of you have already met Mohammad and are familiar with the BRAINWORKS platform that he’s been developing this past year, but he has made many updates over the past few months, and is excited to share them.


(10min) Welcome

(20 mins) Listing of new U19’s – intro, 1 slide

(20 mins) Listing of new TMMS – intro, 1 slide

(20 mins) Mohammad provides BRAIN WORKS update

(20 mins) Hands-On demo - Discussion/Feedback

(30 mins) Open networking time (breakout rooms)





Submit 1 slide - see template slide

Title - headline your theory-driven, mechanistic model, etc.

name the specific mathematical, statistical, computational method and variations thereof


To include in NOTES section

Ødefine/explain it enough for a non-scientific person to explain to the general public (2-3 sentences)
ØList future challenges or next steps after your project is done (1 sentence)


Further details for Notes section - For the BRAIN community (2 sentences):

explain the theory behind the math/stats and how it will be used to understand how the brain works; explain the level of data dependency on your model (e.g.:  (a) completely abstract toy model, (b) a coarse-grained model based on a high-level view of previous data, (c) a model based directly on one kind of data (e.g., neural recordings) or (d) a model synthesizing multiple data types (e.g., at multiple spatial scales).


PI name, email: 


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