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Bill Lytton, Fidel Santamaria

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This Working Group supports the activities of the awardees in the NIH BRAIN Initiative developing new theories, models and methods to understand complex brain circuits.


BRAIN Initiative:  Theories Models and Methods RFA
Current FOA: {Released June 29, 2020}

Letter of Intent Due Date(s) August 14, 2020

Application Due Date(s) September 14, 2020All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

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TMM Projects

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PI Name(s) All Title Grant #
BROWN, EMERY N Filtered Point Process Inference Framework for Modeling Neural Data EB022726
CARLSON, DAVID E Uncovering Population-Level Cellular Relationships to Behavior via Mesoscale Networks EB026937
CHING, SHINUNG  (contact); SNYDER, LAWRENCE H Efficient resource allocation and information retention in working memory circuits EB028154
CHUNG, MOO K BRAIN Initiative:  Theories, Models and Methods for Analysis of Complex Data from the Brain EB022856
CURTO, CARINA  Emergent dynamics from network connectivity: a minimal model EB022862
DAVID, STEPHEN V (contact); MESGARANI, NIMA  Tools for modeling state-dependent sensory encoding by neural populations across spatial and temporal scales EB028155
DOIRON, BRENT D (contact); SMITH, MATTHEW A; YU, BYRON M Neuronal population dynamics within and across cortical areas EB026953
DRUCKMANN, SHAUL  Dissecting distributed representations by advanced population activity analysis methods and modeling EB028171
ENGEL, TATIANA  Discovering dynamic computations from large-scale neural activity recordings EB026949
FLETCHER, PRESTON THOMAS Beyond Diagnostic Classification of Autism: Neuroanatomical, Functional, and Behavioral Phenotypes EB022876
GATES, KATHLEEN  Network Connectivity Modeling of Heterogeneous Brain Data to Examine Ensembles of Activity Across Two Levels of Dimensionality EB022904
GOLD, JOSHUA I (contact); BALASUBRAMANIAN, VIJAY  Mental, measurement, and model complexity in neuroscience EB026945
HANSON, STEPHEN JOSE EFFECTIVE CONNECTIVITY IN BRAIN NETWORKS: Discovering Latent Structure, Network Complexity and Recurrence EB022858
HOWARD, MARC W Toward a Theory for Macroscopic Neural Computation Based on Laplace Transform EB022864
JONES, STEPHANIE RUGGIANO (contact); HAMALAINEN, MATTI ; HINES, MICHAEL L Human Neocortical Neurosolver EB022889
KORDING, KONRAD P Quantifying causality for neuroscience EB028162
KRAMER, MARK ALAN (contact); EDEN, URI TZVI Measuring, Modeling, and Modulating Cross-Frequency Coupling EB026938
LUO, XI  Large-scale Network Modeling for Brain Dynamics: Statistical Learning and Optimization EB022911
LYTTON, WILLIAM W (contact); ANTIC, SRDJAN D Embedded Ensemble Encoding EB022903
MAKSE, HERNAN  (contact); HOLODNY, ANDREI I Graph theoretical analysis of the effect of brain tumors on functional MRI networks EB022720
MENON, VINOD  Novel Bayesian linear dynamical systems-based methods for discovering human brain circuit dynamics in health and disease EB022907
MISHNE, GAL  Data-driven analysis for neuronal dynamic modeling EB026936
MITRA, PARTHA PRATIM (contact); WANG, YUSU  Methods from Computational Topology and Geometry for Analysing Neuronal Tree and Graph Data EB022899
NEMENMAN, ILYA M (contact); SOBER, SAMUEL  Neural mechanisms and behavioral consequences of non-Gaussian likelihoods in sensorimotor learning EB022872
PALMER, STEPHANIE E (contact); BIALEK, WILLIAM ; SCHWAB, DAVID JASON Coarse-graining approaches to networks, learning, and behavior EB026943
PANINSKI, LIAM M Next-Generation Calcium Imaging Analysis Methods EB022913
PARK, IL MEMMING (contact); PILLOW, JONATHAN WILLIAM Real-time statistical algorithms for controlling neural dynamics and behavior EB026946
RAJ, ASHISH  (contact); NAGARAJAN, SRIKANTAN S Multimodal modeling framework for fusing structural and functional connectome data EB022717
RAJAN, KANAKA  Multi-region Network of Networks Recurrent Neural Network Models of Adaptive and Maladaptive Learning EB028166
RINGACH, DARIO L Bayesian estimation of network connectivity and motifs EB022915
SANTAMARIA, FIDEL  A unified framework to study history dependence in the nervous system EB026939
SEJNOWSKI, TERRENCE J Nonlinear Causal Analysis of Neural Signals EB026899
SHEN, DINGGANG  (contact); YAP, PEW-THIAN  Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease Using Dynamic High-Order Brain Networks EB022880
SHOUVAL, HAREL ZEEV (contact); BRUNEL, NICOLAS  Learning spatio-temporal statistics from the environment in recurrent networks EB022891
SINGH, VIKAS  (contact); JOHNSON, STERLING C Manifold-valued statistical models for longitudinal morphometic analysis in preclinical Alzheimers disease (AD) EB022883
SOMMER, FRIEDRICH T Building analysis tools and a theory framework for inferring principles of neural computation from multi-scale organization in brain recordings EB026955
WITTEN, DANIELA  (contact); BUICE, MICHAEL  Models and Methods for Calcium Imaging Data with Application to the Allen Brain Observatory EB026908
WOMELSDORF, THILO  Mechanisms of Information Routing in Primate Fronto-striatal Circuits EB028161
YE, BING  (contact); DIERSSEN, MARA  New methods and theories to interrogate organizational principles from single cell to neuronal networks EB028159


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