Measuring, Modeling, and Modulating Cross-Frequency Coupling

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PI: Kramer, Mark Alan (contact); Eden, Uri Tzvi


Institution: Boston University (Charles River Campus)

Title: Measuring, Modeling, and Modulating Cross-Frequency Coupling

Cross frequency coupling (CFC) is emerging as a fundamental feature of brain activity, correlated with brain function and dysfunction. Analysis of CFC focuses on relationships between the amplitude, phase, and frequency of two rhythms from different frequency bands. We propose a new statistical modeling framework to estimate CFC. This framework provides a principled approach to assess multiple types of CFC, and is easily extendable to study additional relationships that may impact CFC. The method is broadly applicable to field data such as the electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetoencephalogram (MEG), and local field potential (LFP). Weblink to access tool:

Grant #: EB026938 



Kramer & Eden, R01EB026938

NIBIB Math Project Kramer R01EB026938.pptx

2020 BRAIN PI Meeting - Labroots poster,!/Poster_Hall/n438411

Link to Data/Model Reuse abstract, [Link] 


2021 Brain PI Meeting

Update:  New method for real-time phase estimation, see State Space Modeling Approach to Real-Time Phase Estimation

Link to Poster:  Wodeyar et al., BRAIN 2021 R01EB026938.pdf

Demo: Click here for video description of poster.


2021 BRAIN Awardee Welcome Meeting/Intro to DATA Scholar (11-2021 Update)


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