Embedded Ensemble Encoding

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PI: Lytton, William W (contact); Antic, Srdjan D

Email: antic@uchc.edu

Institution: SUNY Downstate Medical Center 

Title: Embedded Ensemble Encoding

We are developing a novel theory of excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) integration at the subcellular scale of networks with implications for understanding cell and network scales. Intense glutamate activation produes NMDA-dependent plateau potentials which an profoundly change neuronal state -- a plateau potential triggered in one basal dendrite will depolarize the soma and shorten membrane time constant, making the cell more susceptible to firing triggered by other inputs. Our simulation makes predictions about the manner in which plateaus are triggered and the interaction of these plateaus with back-propagating signals. At the network level, plateaus across multiple cells would provide an activated ensemble lasting 200-500 ms, within which synchronous spiking could readily occur, forming embedded ensembles. 

We have developed a detailed model of signaling within a rodent Layer 5 neocortical pyramidal cell showing NMDA-mediated plateau potentials lasting 100-400 ms with forward- and back-propagating action potentials. These simulations offer the opportunity to reconceptualize the role of the pyramidal neurons as having complex spatiotemporal dendritic properties with localized UP-states that spread to the soma.

Grant #: EB022903 

Status: Completed 





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2021 Brain PI Meeting


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