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Multiscale Modeling and Viral Pandemics

Subgroup Name

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Group Contact:

-- Group leader email --

Group Focus:

-- replace with a paragraph or so on the subgroups focus and domain --

Group Goals:

  1. Identify people working in this area to include a paragraph on their work. (Suspense February 28, 2021)
    1. Recruit members (assemble the masses)
    2. Assemble into a directory of researchers. (bibliography for subgroup)
    3. Identify other subgroups that you should coordinate with
  2. Prepare a white paper, approx. 5pp in length, excluding references that does the following: (Suspense May 31, 2021)
    1. Describe the focus of the subgroup, the major problems within it, and the role modeling can play in it
    2. Describe what models and data are available, and the extent of our biological knowledge, available experimental systems, etc.
    3. Describe what is needed that does not exist yet: models, data, experimental approaches, etc.
    4. Outline any action items that could get us there.
    5. These white papers can form the basis of a collective publication on the topic of multi scale modeling and viral pandemics.
  3. Catalyze research projects through presentations, exchange of ideas, search for strategic opportunities. (Suspense August 30, 2021)​​​​​​​

Group Members:

-- list of group members (this page is visible to the entire world so perhaps omit emails) --

Group Activities and Schedule:

-- replace with data and times of teleconferences --

If you would like to attend a teleconference please contact



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