VPD Dissemination and Outreach

Multiscale Modeling and Viral Pandemics

Dissemination and Outreach

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Group Contacts:

John Rice -- john.rice@noboxes.org
Tomas Helikar -- helikart@gmail.com
Jim Sluka -- jsluka@iu.edu
Mitchel Colebank -- mjcoleba@ncsu.edu

Group Focus:

Dissemination and Communication

This group has several main roles including: (1) Developing articles and publications to "sell" multiscale modeling in viral pandemics to the general public, scientists and funding agencies. (2) To facilitate the creation of training materials and to help develop specifications for and guidelines for how to create and share effective training materials for a wide variety of audiences. (3) To facilitate the training of the next generation of modelers including individuals form historically under represented demographics. (4) To facilitate liaisons between the subgroups of this WG and external groups including professional organizations, consortia and other organizations from around the world.

Group Goals:

  1. Identify people working in this area to include a paragraph on their work. (Suspense February 28, 2021)
    1. Recruit members (assemble the masses)
    2. Assemble into a directory of researchers. (bibliography for subgroup)
    3. Identify other subgroups that you should coordinate with
  2. Prepare a white paper, approx. 5pp in length, excluding references that does the following: (Suspense May 31, 2021)
    1. Describe the focus of the subgroup, the major problems within it, and the role modeling can play in it
    2. Describe what models and data are available, and the extent of our biological knowledge, available experimental systems, etc.
    3. Describe what is needed that does not exist yet: models, data, experimental approaches, etc.
    4. Outline any action items that could get us there.
    5. These white papers can form the basis of a collective publication on the topic of multi scale modeling and viral pandemics.
  3. Catalyze research projects through presentations, exchange of ideas, search for strategic opportunities. (Suspense August 30, 2021)​​​​​​​


We have a page listing publications and other documents useful for communicating with general audiences as well as audiences outside the computational modeling community here. This includes publications from our groups as well as from others.

Group Members:

Updated April 15, 2021




Bobby Madamanchi Member U. Michigan
James Sluka Lead Indiana Univ
John Rice Lead retired
Tom Helikar Lead U. Nebraska
Alex Levitov  Member retired
Bruce Shapiro Member U. Florida
Eric Bauman  Member U Wis.
Eric Forgoston Member Montclair State University
Eun-Young Kim Member Northwestern
Jacob Barhak Member  
James “Jim” Fackler  Member John’s-Hopkins
James Glazier Member Indiana Univ
Joanna Wares Member U. Richmond
Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez Member Instituto de Matematicas UNAM-Juriquilla
Marcella Torres Member U. Richmond
Mitchel Colebank Lead NC State
Rosalyn Scott Member retired
Rusty IRVING Member retired
Ruth Bowness Member Univ. of Bath
Santiago Schnell Member U. Michigan
Tingting Tang Member San Diege St.
Zhuolin Qu Member Univ. Texas at San Antonio
Bill Dunn Visitor retired
Ellen Deutsch  Visitor  
Keith Littlewood Visitor UVA
Elissa Schwartz pending  
Esteban Abelardo Hernandex Vargas pending  
Joy Phillips pending San Diege St.
Kaiming Ye pending  
Katherine Ogurtsova pending  
Kevin Leslie pending  
Saurabh Mogre pending UC San Diego
Saurabh Mogre pending UC San Diego
Veronica Porubsky pending Univ. Washington

Group Schedule:

Wednesdays, 10:00 AM eastern USA time. We will alternate weeks between the subgroup's steering group and the entire subgroup.

If you would like to attend a teleconference please contact john.rice@noboxes.org or jsluka@iu.edu

Group Activities:

The group is currently working on several products:

  1. Newspaper editorials for the non-scientific press.
  2. Opinion articles for more technical outlets.
  3. A survey of organizations (professional, governmental, educational, ...) that may be important liaisons for the Viral Pandemic working group. A preliminary list is here.

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