BRAIN Initiative: Brain-Behavior Quantification and Synchronization Transformative and Integrative Models of Behavior at the Organismal Level (U01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)

This Brain-Behavior Quantification and Synchronization notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) seeks applications proposing research aiming to 1) develop, validate, and apply cutting-edge tools and methods for minimally invasive, multi-dimensional, high-resolution measurement of behavior at the organismal level, with synchronous capture of changes in the organisms social or physical environment; and 2) develop computational methods that allow for integration of multidimensional behavioral and environmental data representing multiple timescales into a conceptual and/or computational model of behavior as a complex dynamic system. Proposed projects are also expected to be designed with the capacity to integrate synchronously recorded neural data and/or inform existing models of neurobehavioral function, such as those developed with the support of the NIH BRAIN Initiative. Research that falls under the definition of an NIH Clinical Trial is not allowed under this NOFO. Applicants interested in proposing mechanistic research in humans relevant to the above purpose should submit under the companion U01 NOFO, RFA-DA-24-040. This NOFO requires a Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives (PEDP), which will be assessed as part of the scientific and technical peer review evaluation. Applications that fail to include a PEDP will be considered incomplete and will be withdrawn. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the NOFO instructions carefully and view the available PEDP guidance material.

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