Whole Person Research and Coordination Center (Whole Person RCC)

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to solicit applications for the establishment of the Whole Person Research and Coordination Center (Whole Person RCC) under the NIH Whole Person Initiative. This center will be integral in coordinating the initial and future research programs in whole person health research. Its creation is driven by the goal to seamlessly integrate current and emerging biomedical knowledge about human health, thereby forming a comprehensive, multi-scale human knowledge network. This NOFO aims to accomplish two major objectives with the first objective of the highest priority. The first objective is to build a healthy human whole person physiome conceptual map to represent all physiological organ system functions and identify Common Data Elements (CDEs) appropriate for each major physiological function. It is expected that the conceptual map will not be built from data using computational methods [e.g., artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)], but will be mapped by a team of content experts using existing established knowledge of healthy human physiology, linking all physiological systems into a whole. The second objective is to select and test existing datasets for the conceptual map and CDEs and build at least one prototype in silico model  of whole person. The Whole Person RCC’s role will additionally include fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and providing the logistical support infrastructure for the entire NIH Whole Person Initiative. 

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