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MSM2010 Full Agenda

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Participant Abstracts and Presentations 

Working Group Presentations


Date: October 27-28, 2010


6001 Executive Boulevard ( Neuroscience) Conference Facilities, Rockville, MD 20852

  • The Conference Center is located a few miles north of the National Institutes of Health main campus. You will not need to go through NIH main campus security.
  • Parking is available in an open lot right of the building as well as a parking garage behind the building. Please have your parking validated at check-in.
  • Closest Metro Stop: White Flint Metro Station (Red line)


Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

  • The hotel is located less than 0.5 miles (see location map above) from the Neuroscience Conference Facilities as well as the White Flint Metro Station (Red Line north of Medical Center).
  • Wireless is provided in rooms of guests who booked with the NIH/NIBIB block.


All participants will be required to show a photo ID at the front desk of the Conference Facility to receive a Visitor's badge.


Meeting will address the following areas:

  • Thematic topics and discussions, which MSM Consortium members helped chose.
    • This year's themes are:
      • Modeling methods to bridge to higher scales
      • Linking disparate mathematical approaches that are used to cross scales
      • Dealing with uncertainty in multiscale modeling
  • Allow all attendees to introduce their projects (through a variety of formats) to the Consortium and at the same time address the thematic topics.
  • Opportunities for working group white paper drafting and presentation.
  • Extended networking time during lunch and poster session.
  • Visit the current Consortium activities and have an all Consortium discussion on future activities and passing of the baton to new working group leads.
  • Report back on the IMAG Futures Report.


Organized by IMAG 2010 MSM Planning Committee and the MSM Working Group Leads

  • Bassingthwaighte, James
  • Beard, Dan
  • Cavelier, German (NIH/NIMH)
  • Choe, Yoonsuck
  • Couch, Jennifer (NIH/NCI)
  • Deckhut, Alison (NIH/NIAID)
  • Erdemir, Ahmet
  • Glazier, James
  • Golanov, Evgueni (TATRC)
  • Gregurick, Susan (DOE)
  • Guess, Trent
  • Karniadakis, George
  • Larkin, Jennie (NIH/NHLBI)
  • Luebeck, Georg
  • Marcus, Stephen (NIH/NIGMS)
  • Ortoleva, Peter
  • Parasha, Manish (NSF)
  • Peng, Grace (NIH/NIBIB)
  • Qasba, Pankaj (NIH/NHLBI)
  • Russell, Tom (NSF)
  • Sabourin, Stephanie (NIH/NIBIB)
  • Swat, Maciej
  • Taufer, Michela
  • Volman, Susan (NIH/NIDA)
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