2021 IMAG-MSM meeting

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2021 Multiscale Modeling Consortium Meeting: Amplifying Impact by Nurturing Diversity (IMAG-AND)

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The 14th Multiscale Modeling (MSM) Consortium Meeting will be held on NIH main campus in Bethesda, MD on March 17- 18, 2021 and will focus on the theme “Amplifying impact by Nurturing Diversity” (IMAG-AND). The overall purpose of the meeting is to provide a venue for scientists who are working on multiscale modeling to share the state-of-the-art modeling techniques with each other, address important issues in the field, and brainstorm next steps to further broaden the impact of the multiscale modeling community. The 13th meeting will be co-chaired by Dr. Silvia Blemker and Dr. Shayn Peirce-Cottler. The meeting will feature scientific sessions covering varies forms of diversity, panel discussions, and small working group activities to grow and enhance the community of multiscale modelers.

The theme of this year’s meeting has been developed as a result of the strong need for the field of multiscale modeling to diversify its workforce. The 2021 IMAG-AND meeting will focus holistically on what it takes and what it would mean for our community to bring more diverse individuals into the field. It is now widely accepted that diverse scientific teams are best suited for addressing the most challenging and impactful research problems, and the types of problems that members of the MSM community routinely tackle are complex, multifaceted, and require intensive and deliberate integration of disparate approaches (e.g. experiments coupled with computational modeling, machine learning coupled with mechanistic modeling). The sustainability of the MSM community and the scope of its impact is, therefore, reliant on developing and exemplifying best practices for nurturing diversity. This requires leadership, networking, and mentoring, and each of these activities will be an integral focus of this meeting.

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