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Single and Multi-path models of diffusion of sucrose, sodium, and water across a sheet of ventricular myocardium. Suenson et al. 1974 paper. Variation on Crank, 1956, solution for diffusion in a plane sheet with constant surface concentrations.


   The cumulative fluxes of radioactive sucrose, sodium, and water across a sheet of cat right
ventricle were studied simultaneously to obtain the apparent tissue diffusion coefficients for
extravascular diffusion at 37°C. The sucrose data fitted the equations for diffusion in tortuous
channels in a plane sheet with a tortuosity factor, λ, of 2.11 ± 0.11 (mean ± SE, n = 10). The fit of
the earliest data before attainment of steady state was improved by assuming a Gaussian
distribution of diffusion path lengths through the extracellular space, but λ was only changed by a
few percent. The sucrose diffusion channel contained 0.27 ± 0.03 ml of total tissue water, which is
more than measured by others but still less than the expected sucrose space. The steady-state data
for sodium agreed with the model for extracellular diffusion using λ and the area available for
diffusion for sucrose when sodium equilibration with a dead-end pore volume (presumed to be
intracellular) was taken into account. The cumulative flux data for water were monotonic and
lacked secondary inflections. Thus the apparent tissue diffusion coefficients for sucrose, sodium,
and water were (in 10−6 cm^2/s) 1.77 ± 0.23, 5.13 ± 0.68, and 7.39 ± 0.99, respectively,
representing a reduction to 23% of the free diffusion coefficient for sucrose and sodium and 22%
for water.

  Two separate models are shown here, a multi-path and a single path model, as noted in the paper,
the multi-path model is not necessary to get a reasonable fit to the data obtained in the experiment.


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