2014 MSM Posters

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~~~~~~~~ Please upload your posters below in alphabetical order of the first author ~~~~~~~~~

  1. J. Barhak, Generating Populations for Micro Simulation from Publicly Available Data - Populations in the MIST!
  2. Beard DA, S Tewari, SM Bugenhagen, J Bazil, BE Carlson. Multiscale Computational Modeling of Myocardial Energetics, Mechanics, and Whole-Body Cardiovascular Function in Heart Failure
  3. Dura-Bernal S, Zhou X, Neymotin SA, Kerr CC, Chadderdon GL, Przekwas A, Francis JT, Lytton WW. From neurons to muscles: virtual musculoskeletal arm driven by sensorimotor cortex model.  MSM14poster.pdf
  4. T. Hoang-Trong, Exploring SR Calcium and Cytosolic Calcium Waves Using a 3d Stochastic Spatial Myocyte Model, Tuan_BioPhysical_2014_v2.pdf
  5. NW Henderson, D Ma, Y Sun, and MA Saunders, Numerical linear algebra and optimization tools for bioinformatics, 14msm-tools.pdf
  6. Kerr CC, Choi JS, Dura-Bernal S, Francis JT, Lytton WW. One size does not fit all: calibrating microstimulation to individual subjects using spiking network models. 2014msm.pdf
  7. JD Lee, DL Sun, Y Sun, JE Taylor, Exact-post selection inference with application to the lasso, selection_poster.pdf
  8. X. Li, E. Du, H. Lei, M. Dao and G.E. Karniadakis, Patient-specific modeling and predicting blood viscosity in sickle cell anemia.  Li-MSM2014.pdf
  9. McDougal RA; Bulanova A; Patoary MNI; Hines ML; Lytton WW; NEURON for multiscale simulations: reaction-diffusion and electrophysiology. poster.pdf
  10. Neufeld E, ... Kuster N. Computable, Functionalized Anatomical Models for Computational Life Sciences Applications. Neufeld-Kuster-IMAG14_Poster.pdf
  11. Neymotin SA, McDougal RA, Hines ML, Lytton WW. Calcium regulation of HCN supports persistent activity associated with working memory: a multiscale model of prefrontal cortex. Neymotin_MSM14.pdf
  12. Sluka J, Fu X, Swat M, and Glazier JA. Parameter Sensitivities in a Multiscale model of Acetaminophen Metabolism: from Whole-body to Subcellular Reaction Kinetics.  Sluka_IMAG_MSM_poster_2014.pdf
  13. A. Ullah, A Small Number of Cells is Sufficient to Trigger a Cardiac Arrhythmia, Aman BioPhysical_2014a v2.pdf
  14. B. Drawert, G. Bellesia, B.B. Bales, C.B. Horuk, B. Daigle, S. Wu, P. Lötstedt, A. Hellander, C. Krintz, L. Petzold "StochSS: Stochastic Simulation Service. An Integrated Development Environment for Simulation and Analysis of Discrete Stochastic Biochemical Models" http://www.stochss.org MSM_stochss_poster.pdf
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