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Biomaterials 2 Biomaterials: Predictive Design, Synthesis and Material Properties Ebrahimi Davoud
Cancer 1 Incorporating Patient-Specific Imaging Data and Therapeutic Regimens to Predict Eventual Response in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer via a Multi-Scale Model Barnes Stephanie  
Cancer 1 Multi-scale Treatment Response Model for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Linking Drug Administration Schedules to Tumor Cell Population Dynamics McKenna Matthew  
Cancer 1 Understanding complex drug response behavior of BRAF-mutated melanoma cells treated with targeted therapies Paudel Bishal  
Cancer 1 A Controllable and Imaging Compatible 3D Tumor Environment to Experimentally Test and Refine Tumor Growth Models Searfoss Abigail  
Cancer 1 A Numerically Efficient Mechanically Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Model to Predict the Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant Therapy Weis Jared  
Cardiovascular 2 Multi-scale Models of Fibrin Networks and Blood Clots Alber Mark  
Cardiovascular 2 Regulation of Store-Operated Calcium Entry in Endothelial Flow-Induced Nitric Oxide Production Barbee Kenneth  
Cardiovascular 1 A Predictive Multiscale Model for Simulating Platelets Activation in Shear Flows Bluestein Danny
Cardiovascular 1 In vivo studies of NO and ATP-induced arteriolar vasodilation during hypoxia Buerk Donald
Cardiovascular 2 Multi-Scale Laws of Myocardial Growth and Remodeling Guccione Julius  
Cardiovascular 1 Coupling an Agent-Based Model of Scar Formation to a Finite-Element Model of Tissue Mechanics Holmes Jeffrey
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Cardiovascular 2 MSM of Thrombus Biomechanics in Aortic Aneurysms Humphrey Jay  
Cardiovascular 2 High-throughput evaluation of platelet function under flow following trauma reveals platelet function defects & Recapitulation of mechanisms during trauma-induced coagulopathy in whole blood microfluidic assays Li Ruizhi  
Cardiovascular 1 Patient-specific modeling and analysis of individual sickle cell behavior in transient hypoxia Li Xuejin  
Cardiovascular 2 Multiscale Spatial and Temporal Signaling and Patterning of Cells and Tissues: Stochastic Control Networks and Tissue Wound Healing Liang Jie  
Cardiovascular 2 Multiscale flow modelling of cell ensembles and reactive species transport with data-driven cellular activation models Lu Yichen  
Cardiovascular 2 Multiscale Modeling of Blood Clotting: Coagulation Cascade and Platelets Aggregation Yazdani Alireza  
Cardiovascular 2 A Multi-Scale Mechanobiological Model Considering the Structure and Interrelation of ECM Constituents in Aorta Zhang Katherine  
Cellular Physiology 2 Shear Stress-Dependent NO, ATP and ADP Production from Endothelial Cells – a Modeling Approach Buerk Donald
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Cellular Physiology 1 Modeling of the microenvironment around a pH electrode tip Calvetti Daniela  
Cellular Physiology 1 Multiscale studies of mitochondrial calcium cycling Jafri Mohsin  
Cellular Physiology 1 Multiscale Models of the Nuclear Pore Complex Mofrad Mohammad  
Cellular Physiology 2 Image-Based Multi-scale Mechanical Models for Predicting In Vitro Remodeling in Fibrin Gels Sander Edward  
Cellular Physiology 1 Effects of 3D Geometries on Cellular Gradient Sensing and Polarization Spill Fabian  
Cellular Physiology 1 Glomerular intercellular cross talk elaborately regulates podocyte injury and repair: insights from a 3D multiscale modeling study Xiaobo Zhou  
Genetics 1 Multi-scale modeling of genetic variation in a developmental network Marjoram Paul  
Imaging 1 The power of coupled multiscale imaging and modeling - How good is good enough? Knothe Tate Melissa  
Imaging 1 Toward Imaging-based Asthma Sub-Grouping: Cluster Analysis with Multiscale Structural and Functional Variables in Asthma Populations Lin Ching-Long  
Imaging 1 Paired, seamless multiscale imaging and modeling as a springboard
to bridge the gap between nano- and macroscale models
Pereira Andre  
Immunology 1 Fluid Pumping and Mass Transfer in the Lymphatic System Moore James  
Immunology or Musculoskeletal 1 Spatiotemporal Metabolic Modeling of Chronic Wound Biofilm Consortia Henson Michael  
Infectious Disease 1 Predictive Multiscale Modeling of Microbial Consortia Biofilms Carlson Ross  
Infectious Disease 1 Bacterial Adaptation to Host-Induced Environmental Stress May Elebeoba  
Infectious Disease 1 A hybrid multi-scale model of tuberculosis maps bacterial metabolic scale dynamics to host tissue scale infection outcomes Kirschner Denise  
Metabolism 1 Simulating Metabolism with Statistical Thermodynamics Cannon William  
Modeling Methodology 2 Nanoscale and Molecular Framework for Modeling and Applying Communication at the Bottom Paluh Janet  
Modeling tools and methods 2 The Reference Model Uses Modular Population Generation Barhak Jacob Link to Poster
Modeling tools and methods 2 StochSS: An Integrated Development Environment for Simulation and Analysis of Discrete Stochastic Biochemical Models Drawert Brian  
Modeling tools and methods 1 Computing non-equilibrium steady states for a biochemical network Fleming Ronan  
Modeling tools and methods 2 Accurate solution of FBA models using large-scale optimization in quadruple precision Saunders Michael
Modeling tools and methods 1 Fully Integrated Python Tools for Modeling, Analysis and Reproducibility Sauro Herbert  
Modeling tools and methods 1 Multi-scale inverse problems: Beyond the modeling limit Somersalo Erkki  
Modeling tools and methods 2 Delivering Models and Simulations as a Service (MaSS) with Galaxy Walker Mark  
Musculoskeletal 2 Multiscale and Multi-physics Modeling of Degenerative Disc Disease and in silico Clinical Trials for Disc Regeneration Gu Weiyong  
Musculoskeletal 2 Multiscale Modeling of Wound Healing Haugh Jason
Musculoskeletal 2 Multiscale Modeling of Bone Jasiuk Iwona  
Musculoskeletal 1 Multi-scale Muscle-Driven Simulation of Human Subjects: Muscle and Joint Mechanics in TKR Shelburne Kevin  
Musculoskeletal 2 Modeling bone MSC lineage progression in a growth factor – loaded CaP scaffold subjected to mechanical stress Tan Hua  
Musculoskeletal 2 Multi-scale mechanics of the tendon-to-bone attachment Boyle John  
Musculoskeletal 2 Multiscale Modeling of Facet Capsule Biology Winkelstein Beth  
Neuroscience 2 Integrating Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) in the NEURON simulator Bulanova Anna  
Neuroscience 1 Biophysical models of C6 glioma growth in rats Hormuth David  
Neuroscience 2 The Volterra Functional Series is a Viable Alternative to Kinetic Models for Synaptic Modeling -Calibration and Benchmarking Hu Eric  
Neuroscience 2 Towards an accurate multi-scale computational model for studying retinal prosthetic electrode design Lazzi Gianluca  
Neuroscience 2 Coupling 1D and 3D domains in neuroscience simulations McDougal Robert  
Neuroscience 1 Optimizing computer models of layer 5 motor cortex pyramidal neurons using somatic whole cell recordings Neymotin Samuel
Neuroscience 2 Estimation of Local Field Potentials in a Three-Dimensional, Computational Model of the Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus: A Multiscale, Multimodal Framework Yu Gene  
Pharmacology 2 Multiscale Modeling of Functionalized Nanocarriers in Targeted Drug Delivery: Effects of Blood Cell Interactions and Temporal Hydrodynamic Correlations Ayyaswamy Portonovo  
Pharmacology 2 Multiscale Modeling of Functionalized Nanocarriers in Targeted Drug Delivery: Effects of Blood Cell Interactions and Temporal Hydrodynamic Correlations Eckmann David  
Pharmacology 1 Virtual Experiments Falsify a Prevailing Mechanistic Explanation for Acetaminophen Induced Liver Injury and Enable Discovery of Plausible Alternative Hypotheses Hunt C. Anthony
Pharmacology 2 Next-Generation Pharmacodynamic Models for Targeted Drug Delivery:  Multiscale Model for Nanocarrier Adhesion at the Live Cell Interface and Comparison to In Vivo Experiments Radhakrishnan Ravi  
Pharmacology 1 Tightly Coupled In Vivo Studies to Inform an In Silico Model of Acetaminophen Toxicity Sluka Jim
Population Modeling 1 A cyberinfrastructure supporting transdisciplinary research into population modeling at multiple scales Bisset Keith  
Population Modeling 2 Accurate rapid estimation of physics based model outputs with surrogate techniques Pruett William  
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