Data Acquisition, Sharing, Management

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This is a working resource page for the Data Acquisition activities of the Bridge2AI program.

The Bridge2AI program will use this wiki to bring together resources relevant to the Data Acquisition Modules within the Data Generation Projects.



Also refer to the implementation guidance ( on how to develop a data sharing plan.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to follow the recommendation in the new NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing (, which will be in effect on January 25, 2023.

If large scale genomic data are generated, specific processes and timelines for data sharing should follow the Genomic Data Sharing Policy (

  • DOE PuRe Data Resources
  • MICrONS Explorer: A functional connectome containing 200,000 cells, 75,000 neurons with physiology, and 523 million synapses. This resource provides interactive visualizations of anatomical and functional data that span all 6 layers of mouse primary visual cortex and 3 higher visual areas (LM, AL, RL) within a cubic millimeter volume.
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