This wiki page supports the NIH Bridge to Artificial Intelligence program.


Bridge2AI, supported by the NIH Common Fund is a short-term, goal-driven strategic investment to propel biomedical research forward by setting the stage for widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) that tackles complex biomedical and behavioral grand challenges beyond our current human intuition.

Bridge2AI - where this program fits in the context of data and modeling

On this page you will find resources for Teaming Activities, as well as information on ethics, standards, tools, data acquisition, sharing and management, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). The activities and resources on this page will change as the program develops.





Glossary of Terms

Grand Challenges - sandbox for brainstorming ideas

Teaming - activities, resources

Ethics - activities, resources

Standards - activities, resources (existing and developing)

Tools - activities, resources (existing and developing)

Data Acquisition, Sharing & Management - activities, resources (existing and developing)

Skills and Workforce Development - activities, resources


FAQs - see FAQs on Bridge2AI website



Goals and Objectives


Structure of the Bridge2AI Program


Bridge Center


Data Generation Projects

List of Bridge2AI Data Generation Project Awards

Voice as a Biomarker

Additional Information