MSM Task Forces & Working Groups

Task Forces

Basic Science Applications

Integrated multiscale biomaterials experiment and modeling group (ImuBEAM)

Working Group Leads:

Markus Buehler (mbuehler@MIT.EDU)

Guy Genin (

Computational Neuroscience Working Group

Working Group Leads: Kanaka Rajan ( & Terry Sanger (

Biomechanics Working Group

Working Group Leads

Beth Winkelstein (


Public Dissemination and Education (PDE) Working Group

This working group was formed in 2017 after the 10th IMAG-MSM Anniversary (Main Agenda) with the primary goal of expanding the visibilty of multi-scale mode

Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare

Working Group Leads

Jerry G. Myers (

Model and Data Sharing Working Group

Working Group Leads:

Peter Hunter (  PH

Clinical Translational Applications

Multiscale Modeling and Viral Pandemics


MSM for Medical Devices


Lead: Gianluca Lazzi <>

Clinical and Translational Issues Working Group

Working Group Leads:

Tim Corcoran, PhD (


Past Working Group Leads:


Cell-to-Macroscale Working Group

Mission: Discuss and share numerical methods, models, and experiments that facilitate integration of subcellular and cellular scales with the macroscopic scales in the human body a

Population and Policy Modeling Working Group

Many issues, questions, and decisions seemingly at the population and policy levels are, in fact, multi-scale issues, questions, and decisions.

High Performance Computing Working Group

High-Performance Computing Working Group at the IMAG/MSM

Working Group Lead:Ravi Radhakrishnan 

Theoretical and Computational Methods Working Group

Working Group Leads:

Lead: Bill Cannon (

Multiscale Systems Biology

Working group lead:

Feilim Mac Gabhann, Johns Hopkins University,