Physiome NSR models

Number of active models: 5
Model # Title Pub Data Model Description
0122 Compliant_bifurcating_airway No No This model represents a bifurcating compliant airway that could be used as a building block for constructing a network of airways. You could use the model to simulate flow in rigid airway bifurcation.
0148 Lenbury2005.pituitary Yes No A delay-differential equation model of the feedback/feedforward-controlled hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in humans. Lenbury and Pornsawad, 2005 paper.
0179 Phase_Separation Yes No This model illustrates the variation in cell distribution from that which would be expected by the division of flow at a microvascular bifurcation.
0341 Selkov No No The Selkov model for glycolysis exhibits a Hopf bifurcation. As the b parameter increases from 0.25 to 0.95, the model switches from a stable equilibrium point to a limit cycle near b=0.41 and back to a stable equilibrium point near b=0.8.
0342 Cooperativity No No This cooperativity binding model exhibits bistable bifurcation.