Name Email Abstract Title Themes Addressed Presentation Slides
Elhanan Borenstein elbo@u.washington.edu  Modeling the Human Microbiome: From Enzymes to Super-Organisms Keynote  
Markus Buehler mbuehler@mit.edu Nonlinear behavior of silk minimizes damage and begets spider web robustness from the molecules up Poster 8 Presentation Slides
Bruce Caswell caswell@dam.brown.edu Multi-Scale DPD Models for Red Blood Cells in Health and Disease Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Kung-Sik Chan kung-sik-chan@uiowa.edu Lung-airway Data Interrogation via Cluster Analysis Poster 3 (Theme 1) Presentation Slides
Tom Colace tomcolace@gmail.com  Pairwise agonist screening and microfluidics reveal platelet function phenotype Poster 12  
Scott Diamond sld@seas.upenn.edu Multiscale prediction of patient-specific clotting function under flow. Theme 1 Unable to Post
Andrew Dolan adolan@seas.upenn.edu A Quantitative Molecular Signaling Model of Calcium Regulation in a Homeostatic and Activated Platelet Poster 4 (Theme 1) Unable to Post
David Eckmann, Ravi Radhakrishnan David.Eckmann@uphs.upenn.edu Modeling the motion of a nanocarrier for targeted drug delivery Poster 1 (Theme 1) Presentation Slides
Ravi Radhakrishnan rradhak@seas.upenn.edu Top-down Multiscale Models and Free Energy Calculations of Multivalent Protein-Protein and Protein-Membrane Interactions in Nanocarrier Adhesion and Receptor Trafficking Theme 2 Presentation Slides
Mounya Elhilali mounya@jhu.edu The Linear auditory cortex: how far can it take us in cocktail party scenes? Theme 2 Presentation Slides
Ahmet Erdemir erdemira@ccf.org Chondrocyte Deformations as a Function of Tibiofemoral Joint Loading Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Stacey Finley sdfinley@jhu.edu Multiscale Compartment Model of VEGF Distribution in the Body: Applications to Cancer Therapy Poster 9 Presentation Slides
Matthew Flamm hflamm@seas.upenn.edu A Multiscale Model for Platelet Deposition Poster 13 Unable to Post
Wonmuk Hwang hwm@yogi.tamu.edu Elucidating the feedback between micro-mechanical environments and the nano-scale dynamics of biolaments Poster 11 Presentation Slides
Princess Imoukhuede pimoukhuede@gmail.com Quantitative Experimental Characterization of Angiogenic Receptors for Systems Biology Poster 10 Presentation Slides
Yufang Jin Yufang.Jin@utsa.edu Targeting the Myocardial Infarction-Specific Protein Interaction Network Using Computational Analyses Poster 17 Presentation Slides
Roy Kerckhoff and Andrew McCulloch roy.ucsd.edu Patient-specific multi-scale modeling of cardiac resynchronization therapy for dyssynchronous heart failure Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Mike King mike.king@cornell.edu Multiscale model of platelet tethering and adhesion: similarities with the leukocyte adhesion cascade Theme 3 Presentation Slides
Denise Kirschner kirschne@umich.edu 2 Abstracts--1) The importance of multi-scale and multi-organ approaches to understand host-pathogen dynamics in TB 2)The role of tumor necrosis factor in granuloma function and reactivation TB Theme 3 Presentation Slides
Jennifer Linderman   2 Abstracts--1) The importance of multi-scale and multi-organ approaches to understand host-pathogen dynamics in TB 2)The role of tumor necrosis factor in granuloma function and reactivation TB Poster 6 (Theme 2) Presentation Slides
Saleet Jafri   Calcium signaling in heart: Multi-scale modeling with instabilities Theme 3 Presentation Slides
Ching-Long Lin ching@engineering.uiowa.edu An Individual Multi-scale Image-based Lung Model and a Statistics-based Strategy of applying it to Population-based Assessment of Lung Functions Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Bruce Lindsey blindsey@health.usf.edu Baroreceptor modulation of cough motor pattern: computational network model and in vivo experiments Poster 5 (Theme 2) Presentation Slides
Yaling Liu yal310@Lehigh.edu Characterization of the Effects of Particle Shape and Blood Cells on Nanoparticle Delivery Efficiency Poster 16 Unable to Post
Vasilis Marmarelis marmarelis@hotmail.com Synergistic use of data-based and mechanism-based modeling approaches Theme 1 Presentation Slides
James Moore jmoorejr@bme.tamu.edu Multi-Scale Modeling of Lymphatic System Pumping and Signaling Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Tina Morrison tina.morrison@fda.hhs.gov Abstract FDA Presentation Presentation Slides
Sriram Neelamegham neel@buffalo.edu Systems Biology of Glycosylation Poster 18 Presentation Slides
Russell O'Connor roconnor@health.usf.edu A prototype neuromechanical model of airway defensive reflexes Theme 3 Presentation Slides
Teresa Pitts tepitts@ufl.edu Coordination of cough and swallow in vivo and in silico Poster 2 (Theme 1) Presentation Slides
Sasha Popel apopel@jhu.edu Computational Modeling and Bioinformatics of Cancer Angiogenesis at the Molecular, Cellular, Tissue, and Whole-Body Scales Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Ilya Rybak rybak@drexel.edu Multiscale modeling of the neural control of breathing: complex and simplified models Theme 2 Presentation Slides
Dalin Tang dtang@wpi.edu A Framework for Human Coronary Plaque Vulnerability Assessment Based on Patient-Specific Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Imaging, Computational Modeling and Planar Biaxial Artery Material Properties Poster 14 Presentation Slides
Merryn Tawhai m.tawhai@auckland.ac.nz A multi-scale model to study airway hyper-responsiveness Theme 3 Presentation Slides
Raj Vadigepalli raj@mail.dbi.tju.edu In vivo variability of regulatory programs and single cell physiology in central homeostatic control circuits Poster 7 (Theme 2) Presentation Slides
Yoram Vodovotz vodovotzy@upmc.edu Combining Data-Driven and Multiscale Mechanistic Modeling to Explore Endotoxin-Induced Inflammation in Swine Theme 1 Presentation Slides
Roman Voronov bopohob@gmail.com Image-based modeling as simple approach to studying thrombosis Poster 15 Presentation Slides
Bridget Wilson bwilson@salud.unm.edu Ovarian tumor attachment, invasion and vascularization reflect unique microenvironments in the peritoneum: Insights from intravital imaging and mathematical modeling Theme 2 Unable to Post
Raimond Winslow rwinslow@jhu.edu Redox Modification of the Arrhythmic Substrate in Heart Failure Theme 2 Presentation Slides
Katherine Zhang yanhang@bu.edu An Integrative Multi-Scale Model of Extracellular Matrix Mechanics in Vascular Remodeling Theme 1 Presentation Slides
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