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MSM U01 Projects - 2018-2019 Mid-Term Credibility Plan Review,  


Letter to PIs from the Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare


Summary Findings: 2018-2019 Mid-Term Credibility Plan Review


Note: Individual project reviews appended to each projects descripton


MSM U01 projects - ACTIVE as of August 25, 2018

ALBER, MARK  - Multiscale modeling and empirical study of a mechanism limiting blood clot growth

AN, GARY  - Agent-based Models to address the Crisis of Reproducibility and Precision Medicine

BAROCAS, VICTOR H (contact); WINKELSTEIN, BETH A - Multiscale Modeling of Facet Capsule Mechanobiology

BAROCAS, VICTOR H- Multiscale Model of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update
  • Project Expiration Date: 6/30/2022

BASANTA GUTIERREZ, DAVID  (contact); LYNCH, CONOR C - Multiscale Modeling of Bone Environment Responses to Metastatic Prostate Cancer

BASSINGTHWAIGHTE, JAMES B (contact); BEARD, DANIEL A; DASH, RANJAN K; MCCULLOCH, ANDREW D - Analyzing the Cardiac Power Grid: Adaptive responses to fluctuating local demand

BEARD, DANIEL A (contact); KASSAB, GHASSAN S - Coronary Blood Flow: Integrated Theory and Experiments

BERCELI, SCOTT A -Constitutive and Agent-Based Multiscale Models to Improve Vein Graft Survival 

  • 2018 Futures Meeting pre-meeting exercise
  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update not required
  • Project Expiration Date: 12/31/2018

BLEMKER, SILVIA SALINAS (contact); PEIRCE-COTTLER, SHAYN  - Multiscale Modeling for Treatment Discovery in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

BLUESTEIN, DANNY  - Multiscale Modeling of Blood Flow and Platelet Mediated Thrombosis 

BORON, WALTER F. - Multi-scale modeling of gas transport through channels in living cells

CAMPBELL, KENNETH S (contact); WENK, JONATHAN F - Multiscale modeling of inherited cardiomyopathies and therapeutic interventions

CANNON, WILLIAM R (contact); DUNLAP, JAY C - Multiscale Modeling of Circadian Rhythms

CARLSON, ROSS P (contact); FIELDS, MATTHEW W; HANLEY, LUKE ; HENSON, MICHAEL  - Predictive Multiscale Modeling of Microbial Consortia Biofilms

DARQUENNE, CHANTAL - Multiscale Modeling of Lung Disease-Influenced Aerosol Dosimetry

  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update
  • Project Expiration Date: 6/30/2023

CLANCY, COLLEEN E - Predictive multiscale in silico cardio-pharmacology

CORCORAN, TIMOTHY E (contact); PARKER, ROBERT S - Building Multilevel Models of Therapeutic Response in the Lungs

DHAHER, YASIN YOUSEF (contact); THELEN, DARRYL G - A Multi-Scale Modeling Construct of Knee Mechanics following ACL Reconstruction 

DIAMOND, SCOTT L - Multiscale Analysis of Trauma

DICK, THOMAS E - Modeling Brainstem Inflammations Role in Systemic Dysfunction during Sepsis

ECKMANN, DAVID M (contact); RADHAKRISHNAN, RAVI  - Bridging multiple scales in modeling targeted drug nanocarrier delivery

ELHILALI, MOUNYA - Multiscale modeling of the cocktail party problem

FERTIG, ELANA; TRAN, PHUOC; EWALD, ANDREW; POPEL, ALEKSANDER  - Integrating Bioinformatics into Multiscale Models of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

FIGUEROA, CARLOS ALBERTO (contact); BAEK, SEUNGIK ; DORFMAN, ADAM LEE - Image-based Multi-scale Modeling Framework of the Cardiopulmonary System: Longitudinal Calibration and Assessment of Therapies in Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension

GALVANI, ALISON P - Evaluating the social influences that impact vaccination decisions

  • 2018 Futures Meeting pre-meeting exercise
  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update
  • Project Expiration Date: 3/31/2018

GENIN, GUY M (contact); THOMOPOULOS, STAVROS  - Cross-scale interactions between mineral and collagen for tendon-bone attachment

GLAZIER, JAMES ALEXANDER (contact); DUNN, KENNETH W; KLAUNIG, JAMES E - Development of a Multiscale Mechanistic Simulation of Acetaminophen Induced Liver

  • 2019 NIBIB Math Project Summary  
  • 2018 Futures Meeting pre-meeting exercise
  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update not required
  • Project Expiration Date: 6/30/2019

GRIFFITH, BOYCE EUGENE - Multiscale Modeling of Clotting Risk in Atrial Fibrillation

GUCCIONE, JULIUS MATTEO (contact); KASSAB, GHASSAN S; KUHL, ELLEN  - Multi-Scale Laws of Myocardial Growth and Remodeling

HAUGH, JASON M - Multiscale Modeling of Wound Healing

HENSON, MICHAEL  (contact); HERZOG, ERIK ; KEVREKIDIS, YANNIS G - Multiscale Modeling of the Mammalian Circadian Clock: The Role of GABA Signaling 

HOLMES, JEFFREY W - Multiscale Models of Cardiac Growth, Remodeling, and Myocardial Infarction

HUMPHREY, JAY D (contact); KARNIADAKIS, GEORGE  - Multiscale, Multiphysics Model of Thrombus Biomechanics in Aortic Dissection

JARON, DOV  - Multiscale, Transport-Dependent NO Signaling: Cells to Vascular Networks

KAPLAN, DAVID L (contact); BUEHLER, MARKUS J - Models to Predict Protein Biomaterial Performance

KARNIADAKIS, GEORGE  (contact); DAO, MING ; HIGGINS, JOHN MATTHEW; VEKILOV, PETER G - Multiscale Modeling of Sickle Cell Anemia: Methods and Validation

KIRSCHNER, DENISE E (contact); DARTOIS, VERONIQUE ; FLYNN, JOANNE L; LINDERMAN, JENNIFER JEAN - A Multi-scale systems pharmacology approach to TB therapy

KOHLMEIER, JACOB E (contact); ZARNITSYNA, VERONIKA I- Multiscale modeling of influenza vaccination strategies for optimal T cell immunity

LAUBENBACHER, REINHARD  (contact); MEHRAD, BORNA ; SCHROEDER, WILLIAM J - Modular design of multiscale models, with an application to the innate immune response to fungal respiratory pathogens.

LAZZI, GIANLUCA  (contact); BERGER, THEODORE W - Predictive modeling of bioelectric activity on mammalian multilayered neuronal structures in the presence of supraphysiological electric fields

LEDERER, W JONATHAN (contact); JAFRI, MOHSIN SALEET; MANNELLA, CARMEN A - Multiscale spatiotemporal modeling of cardiac mitochondria

LEE, BRUCE Y - Virtual Population Obesity Prevention (VPOP) Labs: Computational, Multi-Scale Models for Obesity Solutions

LIN, CHING-LONG  - An integrative statistics-guided image-based multi-scale lung model

LYTTON, WILLIAM W - Microconnectomics of neocortex: a multiscale computer model

NIE, QING  (contact); DAI, XING ; PLIKUS, MAKSIM V -Multiscale Models of Wound Cell Plasticity for Regeneration

NUZHDIN, SERGEY V - Multi-scale modeling of genetic variation in a developmental network

  • 2018 Futures Meeting pre-meeting exercise
  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update
  • Project Expiration Date: 6/30/2017

SANGER, TERENCE D (contact); GISZTER, SIMON F - Multiscale models of neural population control in spinal cord

SAUNDERS, MICHAEL ALAN - Multiscale Molecular Systems Biology: Reconstruction and Model Optimization

SCHWABER, JAMES  (contact); VADIGEPALLI, RAJANIKANTH  - Multiscale Model of the Vagal Outflow to the Heart

SECOMB, TIMOTHY W - Multiscale modeling of cerebral blood flow and oxygen transport

SHELBURNE, KEVIN B -A Lower Extremity Neuromusculoskeletal Human Simulator: Addressing Multiscale Challenges

SOBIE, ERIC A (contact); CHRISTINI, DAVID J - Multiscale modeling to map cardiac electrophysiology between species

SUKI, BELA (contact); BATES, JASON -A multi-scale computational model of the extracellular matrix of the lung

TRAYANOVA, NATALIA A (contact); CALKINS, HUGH G -Simulation Guidance of Ablation Therapy for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

VADIGEPALLI, RAJANIKANTH  (contact); HOEK, JOANNES B - Modeling Multiscale Control of Liver Regeneration

YANKEELOV, THOMAS E (contact); QUARANTA, VITO  - Image Driven Multi-Scale Modeling to Predict Treatment Response in Breast Cancer

ZAMAN, MUHAMMAD HAMID (contact); GERTLER, FRANK B; KAMM, ROGER D; LAUFFENBURGER, DOUGLAS A - Modeling bi-directional signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics in 3D cell migrations

ZAWIEJA, DAVID CARL (contact); MOORE, JAMES E - Transport Phenomena in the Lymphatic System

ZHOU, XIAOBO  - Modelling the Growth of the MIC Niche at the System Level

  • 2018 Futures Meeting pre-meeting exercise
  • 2018 Mid-Year Model Credibility Update not required
  • Project Expiration Date: 10/31/2018

ZHOU, XIAOBO  (contact); YANG, YUNZHI  - Systems Modeling Guided Bone regeneration

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